Vibram FiveFingers Barefoot Shoes

Vibram Five Fingers

I was watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire last week, and one of the contestants was a NASA scientist.   He was wearing some odd looking contraptions for shoes, so I had to google them and find out more. Turns out they are called “Fivefingers” by Vibram. Honestly I wouldn’t be caught dead in them (can’t stand things between my toes), but they do appeal to those that like to run around barefoot.    Just ask Barefoot Ted.
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3 thoughts on “Vibram FiveFingers Barefoot Shoes

  1. I just started wearing the Vibram FiveFingers for running. I ran barefoot for a few months but it was too hard on the skin on the bottom of my feet. The FiveFingers are a life saver. They feel great and I get the benefit of barefoot runnng without all the pain!

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