How to Shrink Shoes To Fit Better

How to Shrink Shoes
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Imagine if you went shopping and found a lovely shoe that can match your jeans. You can afford it, but the problem is the shoe is somewhat oversized. Yeah, that could be a painful experience.

To ensure that you shrink your shoes the right way, we have compiled a three-step DIY on how to do it. When you go on a shopping spree next time, feel free to pick an oversized shoe that catches your attention. This guide will teach you various ways to shrink your shoes, especially the oversized ones.

Our three methods will help you regardless of whether your shoes allow two fingers in or there is a wide space between your toes. The major thing is that the required items for the task are things you have in your home.

Method 1: Clothes Dryer Method

Canvas shoes would require a somewhat more thorough shrinking method to fit just as you want them. To do this, you will need a clothes dryer and water.

Keep in mind that this method is for canvas shoes only, not leather shoes. When used on any leather shoe, this method can ruin the shoes and the leather. Simply wash your canvas shoes in the sink or wash machine and put them in the dryer on medium heat until dry. This should sufficiently shrink the fabric to be more comfortable. Don’t use high heat as it could damage the plastic soles of the shoes.

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Method 2: Using Blow Dryer

If there is a pair of leather shoes you want to shrink, possibly because it’s a little loose, all you have to do is pour some water into a water spray and spray them but do not soak them up.

After that, set your hair blow dryer to medium and dry the shoes with it. Once you have completed this process, try putting on the shoes to see if they have become tight. If they are still loose, try repeating the process again.

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Method 3: Using Cushion

The cushion method is the last in this guide. We placed it last because it’s always the last resort. Therefore, use this method if you don’t want to use the other methods. Try adding a shoe insert that cover the entire sole or for minor adjustments start with heel inserts.

Those boots, pumps, or sneakers that are still loose when you wear them will possibly need this method. If the shoe is lengthy, place a sole at the back. Also, if there’s too much slack space or some gap in-between the shoe top and your foot, insert a complete foot sole to lift your foot.

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Our guide lists several methods to shrink shoes, but it all depends on your shoe materials and types, as well as your comfort level.

Do not put leather shoes inside a cloth dryer or use a heat-based approach to designer leather footwear. Designer leathers are practically impossible to shrink correctly, leaving you with the option of wadding them with insoles or cushions.

These shoe shrinking solutions mentioned should be simple to do at home, regardless of your reservations. None of them needs special equipment or training, and most individuals can try them out.

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