How to Ruin any Outfit with the Wrong Type of Shoes

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It’s common to see most people neglecting the importance of wearing the right shoes with their outfits. So much so that some even go the extra mile to accidentally make a fool out of themselves. The importance of wearing the right pair of shoes with your attire can not be overlooked. But, hold it right there ““ is it just the attire your shoes need to match with or is it more than that? In my opinion, it’s more than that!

There are certain factors that can affect your choice of wearing a particular pair of shoes with a certain get up. It’s not actually just the attire your shoes should match with, but there are other things to see as well, says a balance bracelet maker at LifeStrength. Here is how some people ruin their outfits by wearing the wrong type of shoes:

Nobody Likes a Bland Outfit:

You must have seen ladies and gents who simply wear the same colored socks, shoes and outfits. Even though this doesn’t really ruin their outfits, it does make their personalities look bland. Therefore, you always need to add a bit of contrast to it. It should never be the complete match if you want to look like more than just a “˜plain blonde’.

Contrasting the Accessories:

This is probably the biggest mistake most men and women commit. Most men tend to wear the same color pants and shoes while their waist belts and watches are completely of different colors. For men, the best way to make their shoes good look is to wear the same color belt or watch with it. If you are wearing a brown pair of shoes then your waist belt or your wrist watch should be of the same color. For women, the colors of the shoes and their watches can differ. However, the overall theme of the jewelry worn should match with that of the shoes.

Contradicting Styles:

Wearing a pair of coat shoes with a frock isn’t really the best idea. Similarly, for guys, wearing a pair of sneakers with a dress shirt and a dress pant is odd. It’s quite ridiculous when you see people doing that. I have seen guys wearing cowboy boots with buckles on them with dress pants and trust me they look totally abnormal. Don’t embarrass yourself by doing that for the next annual dinner event! Surely, no one will it say on your face but you will be the news for the next day of work!

3 thoughts on “How to Ruin any Outfit with the Wrong Type of Shoes”

  1. Nothing, absolutely nothing kills an outfit like FLIP FLOPS!!! They belong at the beach or in the shower at the gym, NOT walking down the street. I’ve seen too many really great outfits killed by those nasty looking shower shoes.

  2. I agree with MK. There’s a terrible trend going around here for men to wear flip flops *all the time*, and it’s definitely killing their look.

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