How to make Shoe Collage Art Decor from outdated Shoe Calendars

If you are a serious shoe addict like myself, you probably not only receive shoe calendars as gifts, but you save them too as you don’t dare think of throwing away (or even recycling) such treasured shoe photos, right?! I suggest using old used shoe calendars to make photo art for your walls, such as the shoe art shown above that hangs in my bedroom.

I used photos from a Shoes Page A Day Gallery Calendar. I laid out two poster boards and tried to organize the colored backgrounds of the photos into a checkerboard pattern, having all the shoes on board point left, and the other board point right.

I wish I would’ve used a glue stick instead of a liquid glue though, as you can see the glue lines if you look too closely. I also wish I would’ve bought a standard size photo frame first and made the collage to fit that frame size, as my design turned out to be an odd size, and it was quite costly to get these custom framed.   I now know for my next shoe masterpieces!

Have you made any shoe art? Please share!

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