How To Choose The Right Work Boots

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When it comes to buying work boots, there are many unique options to choose from. Steel toe boots, composite toe boots, metatarsal boots and static dissipative boots, just to name a few. Buying a pair of work boots can be very frustrating, particularly because everyone’s foot is different. Here are four tips to buying the best work boots for men.

Kind of Work

The first thing to consider is what kind of work you will use your boots for. If you do a lot of walking in a warehouse, you may want a pair of steel toe boots known as hikers. However, if you climb ladders throughout the day, pick a boot with a defined heal. If you work in heavy construction, than steel toe boots are highly recommended, particularly with metatarsal protection. Really take a minute to think about your working environment.

Particulars Of Your Feet

The next thing to consider is the particulars of your own feet. Are you a heavy sweater? Do you blister easily? What parts of your feet always seem to get sore? These are important questions to consider as they can have a dramatic impact on the comfort of the shoe. For instance, if you are a heavy sweater you absolutely do not want steel toe boots. And if you have a bone spur on your small toe, it’s crucial to have a pair of boots that offer expansion. This is why it’s important to be honest and realistic with yourself.

Get the Right Fit

On average, we take between eight to 12 thousand steps a day. And we want those steps to be as comfortable as possible. It’s important that your boots fit properly. If they are tight or loose it can be difficult to walk in them. When trying on different work boots, you should wear the type of socks you usually wear at work. Try on different sizes as well to ensure you get the pair that feels most comfortable. If you feel discomfort, opt for another size or perhaps a different pair of boots altogether. This is the only way to determine the appropriate pair of work boots for you. Never buy uncomfortable footwear with the thought that your feel will grow accustomed to them, because chances are they won’t.

Caring For Work Boots

Buying the right pair of work boots is an investment in your health. Therefore, it’s important to properly take care of your investment. Keep your boots clean by brushing off mud or dirt daily, as it can ruin the leather over time. Most boots can be washed on the outside with a boot cleaner and water. You should always avoid using soaps and detergents. Check with the manufacture for suitable cleaning products. If your boots get wet, stuff them with newspaper and leave them to dry somewhere at room temperature. Never place them by a fire or heat source. Finally, if your work boots are made of leather they may need to be conditioned over time.

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