How to Choose the Right Running Shoes

Making the decision to take up running is a big change in most people’s lives. You are making conscious changes to become healthier, and happier. While running is one of the easiest types of exercise and sport to get involved with there are a few items that are necessary to running, like a good pair of running shoes.

There are many different types of running shoes available on the market, and it is not always easy to know which ones will be the best for you. It is important to remember that running shoes are made specifically to absorb two and a half times your body weight with each step. Regular tennis shoes or non-running shoes do not offer the same capacity and absorption, and they can cause discomfort or even injury depending on the amount of running that you are doing.

Learn your gait. The best way to discover your gait is to look at a pair of shoes you wear often. Pay special attention to where the most wear is in the heels. By learning where you put the most of your weight when you run and walk, you can learn what type of running shoes will be best for you. Another important aspect is to pay attention to the shape of your arches.

Armed with this information, you can visit a local shoe store to talk to one of their associates about finding the best shoes for you. When you tell the shoe store associate how your arches rise and where you carry your weight on your heels, they can point you towards running shoes that will compliment your natural gait and running style, instead of working against it.

When trying on the shoes, make sure that they feel comfortable. Though you may feel silly for doing so, make sure to tie the running shoes tightly and get up to walk and even jog around the store. If they are not comfortable for even that short amount of time, then they are not a pair of shoes that you will want to buy.

Do your research. In this digital age, it is so much easier to look on the internet for information. Use this to your advantage. Research what types of running shoes are best for the type of running you will be doing. Some shoes will be better for long distance running, while others are made specifically for use in competitions.

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