How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Shoes

All brides want their day to be perfect; however, the journey to a perfect wedding is not usually a smooth one.

Weddings are extremely detailed events and everyone wants theirs to be perfect and to run smoothly. Most brides are known to have specific tastes and their weddings tend to represent this, for example in the selection of clothing, cutlery and locations.

The completion of the bridal look is through the beautifully designed and styled footwear. They should not only be a fashion statement but also have a great element of comfort. When selecting bridal shoes, you should be sure to carry out some extensive research in order to get the best quality shoes at affordable prices.

Shops that specialize in this business pride themselves with their unique qualities. They have great selections to choose from. Your choice is obviously dependent on your style and comfort. In addition, they may also offer online services where users can compare prices and styles before making a decision.

Your choice of bridal footwear is very important for your wedding, there are so many different companies and styles out there that offer great prices, but you also want quality. Here are a few of the most popular brands; The Pink by Paradox is very popular for its cheap prices, wide range of styles and the fact that they are so easily available. Benjamin Adams footwear is known for their stylish and unique patterns that are characterized by sparkling crystals. Other companies include Rainbow Club and Meadows wedding footwear.

Your shopping can also be done based on your own unique style. This offers customers the ability to select a custom made shoe or to even customise their own choice of shoe. Shops usually have offerings such as full closed, closed back, closed toe, round toe, sling back and peep toe. Fully closed footwear simply means that it is closed all the way round and has no slings. It is considered a traditional and simple style.
Heel height is another determining factor in the selection process. When it comes to heels you should choose a height that you feel comfortable in, remember you have to wear these for the whole day. It is common to see brides frustrated and tired by the end of the day due to uncomfortable heels.

Bridal footwear may also involve selections for the bridesmaids and children. Bridesmaids usually wear shoes that have customized patterns and themes. There is also a selection of heel heights for children’s shoes – they are obviously not offered the same heel heights as an adult shoe. Children’s shoes are also important, ranging from flower girls to page boy footwear.

This article was written by Anna Right – a wedding dress designer – for a leading distributor in bridal shoes.

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