How to Choose Shoes That Fit

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How your shoes fit is ultimately down to your feet and how well you’ve looked after them over the years. Small children will often have no problem with any shoes – they often walk around with them on back to front – because their feet and bones are soft and can be manipulated easily. As you go through life you’ll find you have all sorts of problems with your feet so it’s essential for you to look after them when you’re young and always buy shoes that fit properly.

In order to maintain the health of your feet throughout your life it’s essential for you to look after them properly in order to avoid foot problems.

In order to look after your feet it’s essential that you treat them well and that means getting them checked on a regular basis. Just like you get your teeth, eyes and overall health checked regularly it’s essential that your feet are too. It doesn’t matter if you go to a pro or ask a member of your family to check them over. If you go to a podiatrist or a doctor they will be qualified to treat most foot problems but if it’s not in their area of expertise then you might be sent to a dermatologist for some advice – whatever you decide, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.

In order to keep your feet healthy a good blood supply is essential; if you have to sit for a long time then make sure you don’t cross your legs, otherwise you should try and walk around whenever you can. If you’re sitting or lying down then you should also elevate your feet so they are slightly higher than the rest of your body so that blood will be pumped there as a priority.

Another thing that seriously hinders the condition of your feet is the shoes that you wear so in order to make sure the shoes that you choose are the best fit for your feet, bear these tips in mind:

You should always have your feet measured when you go to buy new shoes as they constantly change as you get older. It’s also best to measure your feet at the end of the day as this is when they’re at their biggest.

As the majority of people don’t have symmetrical feet you’re unlikely to have two feet that are the same size. If you’re like the majority and have one foot that’s bigger than the other you should always have your shoes fitted to the biggest foot.

Finally you should never buy shoes based on the size that they have written on them. When you’re buying new shoes it’s essential that you try them on as they won’t always fit. The way that a shoe fits is not only down to the size but also the shape so if the shape doesn’t suit your foot then it’s unlikely to fit properly.

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