How to choose shoes for a suit

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Man in Suit

Clothes make the man and it is always a good idea to choose a stylish suit. The dilemma always shows up when it is time to choose the footwear. Choosing shoes for a suit doesn’t have to be hard. A few basics can help make pairing suits and shoes a breeze.

Leather soles are optional. It is perfectly acceptable to wear dress shoes that have a rubber sole with a suit in today’s world. Many companies offer stylish selections of rubber soled dress shoes; some even feel like you are wearing a pair of athletic shoes while looking amazing. So don’t rule out shoes just because they don’t have hard leather soles.

Next, color is very important. With two colors of dress shoes, you are ready to accentuate any suit. Black shoes pair well with suits that are black, gray, or navy. Taupe or tan colored suits look better with a brown pair of shoes. Your socks should be thin and match the color of your trousers, with the exception of tan suits. When wearing a tan suit, opt for socks that match the color of your shoes.

The finish on the shoes should be shiny, not matte. Shiny finishes are more formal and will accentuate the wonderful shoe choice. Carry a shoe shine kit with polish nearby in case any scuff marks happen. Suit and shoe selection can be very simple when the basics are understood.

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