How To Choose Bags That Match Your Shoes

How To Choose Bags That Match Your Shoes
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For a woman, there is nothing more prized than that Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbag. These bags are a sign of quality and importance in the world. Even more important they are a fashion timeless statement that will always be in style. When you get famous designers like this that have ruled the fashion market for years, you can rest assured that they are never going to go out of style. These pieces will never end up sitting in the back of your closet collecting dust. This, of course, can depend on the outfit and shoes that you are wearing as well.

How To Choose Bags That Match Your Shoes

How does one go about choosing the perfect everyday bag to go with her shoe collection and wardrobe?

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Colors

There is nothing wrong with mixing colors when it comes to matching your handbags with your shoes. However, you want to make sure that at least one of the colors remains neutral. Either the shoes of the handbag will need to remain a neutral color. For instance, if you go with gray shoes then there is nothing wrong with pairing that with a colorful handbag. If you are looking for a more casual or informal look you can pair sandals with a slouchy bag.

Formal Purses And Casual Shoes

Most women think that formal purse won’t work with informal shoes. That is not always the case. A quilted Gucci style handbag will work excellent with flat shoe ware that is shiny. This such bag will even work well with casual shoes that have a dressy look and feel to them. 

Coordinate Your Hardware

Most women don’t realize that handbags and shoes have many things in common. One of these things is that they both have hardware. Your shoes will have buckles and latches just like your purse. If you want to pull off a look that is all around more unformed then you can opt for shoes and a purse that is comprised of the same metal. For instance, combine a silver buckled purse with a pair of silver buckled shoes. This look will not only spill organization, but it will pull the entire ensemble together.

Handbags Don’t Always Have To Match Shoes

Most women get over dramatic when it comes to fashion. This is because magazines and big fashion designers have drilled in their heads over and over again that they need to have a uniformed look. Well, you do not always need to match your bags with your shoes. In fact, when it comes to matching handbags you have several other options available to you. You could match the bag with your outfit, you could make it with your top, or you could even match it with your accessories like your gloves, earrings, or scarf. Heck, with the right back you can even let it pop all on its own.

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