How Those With Narrow Feet Can Wear Regular Shoes

It is common for individuals who have narrow feet to have difficulty wearing regular shoes. There tend to be relatively few styles of shoes available in narrow sizes, and shoes of regular width tend to slide, slip and cause genuine discomfort for such folks. Further, shoes that are made for narrow feet often come at an inflated price and can be quite hard to find. Fortunately, several strategies exist to help people with narrow feet wear shoes designed as regular-fit products.

Stronger Lacing Works Wonders

Simply tying shoelaces tighter is something that can limit blood circulation and cause the foot to fall asleep. Instead, by using lace reinforcement products that can be obtained an most shoe stores, it is possible to get a far better result. Or, for a no-cost option, it is possible to achieve reinforcement by using the second and third shoe eyelets. This is done by crossing each lace in a horizontal fashion to the opposite side on the third lace eyelet in order to keep the shoes firmly in the proper place. Then, lacing can continue in a conventional pattern. It makes good sense to look for shoes equipped with an additional eyelet near the tongue. This serves to offer greater stability and a more solid stance.

Extra Padding

Many people find that pads and gel inserts are a great help. These items work to lift the foot slightly so that that shoe achieves a tighter fit. It is easy to find these products at grocery stores, pharmacies and other large retailers.

Supporting The Arch

Arch supports have been known to be costly, but it is possible to find less expensive versions at supermarkets and similar stores. These can be stacked inside the shoe to create a snug fit. Also, strips of rubber can be cut to fit a particular pair of shoes and placed just under the foot’s arch to stop shoes from slipping.

Supportive Inserts For Heels

If you have narrow feet it may be that your heel tends to slide around inside of shoes. Heel inserts can help with this situation, and are easily found at drugstores, groceries and the like. The inserts work to cup the heel, take up extra space inside of the shoes and stop troublesome sliding and slipping. Alternatively, shoes made for the purpose such as Propet could help.

Important Caveats

It is never a good idea to use tissues, cotton or ballet shoe pads as a way to make regular shoes fit a narrow foot. Though these solutions are inexpensive, perhaps even free, they can result in serious discomfort. They may also move around within the shoe, producing additional difficulties that could otherwise be avoided.