How Shoes Add To Your Personality and Living Standard: Nine West Kirsi

Nine West Kirsi satin peep toe with rosette, $79

Yes, a pair of shoes will protect your feet from harm, but is that really why we buy the shoes that we choose? Most people buy a particular pair of shoes because they make them feel good and showcase their personality while protecting the feet. Choosing the right shoes can display your personality and your living standards to anyone that views them.

There are thousands of different shoe styles to choose from and each one will display something special about your personality. For example, the image in your head that springs to mind when you think of a person wearing glittering 4-inch heel pumps will be very different than what you would think of if the shoe style were ballerina flats instead.

Different colors of shoes say different things about the person that is wearing them as well. Brightly colored shoes in unusual patterns display that the person wearing them probably has a unique personality and a sunny disposition. Shoes that are plain colored and have no additional decorations can demonstrate a personality that is even-keeled and responsible.

Choosing shoes to display your personality is not difficult. When shopping for shoes, pick the ones that appeal to you the most, not the ones that are the most practical or the ones that will go with the largest number of your outfits. After trying them on to see how the shoes fit, take a moment to really reflect on what appeals to you about the shoes. If the emotions that accompany your reflection of the shoes are positive, then you have chosen the right pair of shoes for yourself.

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  1. I totaly agree with you on this; however, it goes beyond just thinking good thoughts. It goes into making you feel good about yourself; changing your mood, perspective in life, giving confidence, etc. In todays world we need more of these good feels !!!

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