How Not to Tread: Top Shoe Fashion Faux Pas

Shoes: the ultimate accessory are also an outfit necessity. The options are endless when combining the many options for heel, color, toe, cut, decoration, and more. And with endless possibility in shoe choices comes endless options to express yourself through footwear. But in order to put your best fashion-foot forward, take care to avoid these faux pas (and no, we won’t even discuss socks with sandals…that goes without saying).

1. Inappropriate heels: It can be difficult to know just what you’re getting into, but there is nothing less stylish than a person who can’t go with the flow wherever you are. Going to an outdoor wedding when it rained two days ago? Stilettos are not in style for your event. Attending a lengthy lecture? Avoid heels that make noise during your inevitable bathroom breaks; there’s nothing stylish about the clacking noise interrupting the whole crowd.

2. Clothes that can’t keep up: Neons and pointy toes are all the rage this year. But make sure your outfit has as much style as your feet do, after the shoes are supposed to hold up and enhance the rest of you, not steal the whole show.

3. Half-way styled shoes: Having difficulty choosing between which trend to follow? Some stores love to stock up on shoe that try to fill every option. But don’t take the cop-out offered by a somewhat-high platform with a semi-neon, semi-metallic tint, and clear covering of your toes. No one can tell what you almost achieved, so be bold and choose a style for your shoe.

4. Unwearable options: This is easily avoidable, break in your shoes before you wear them out and about. Blisters are not in style, and neither is that “˜new-shoe-limp.’

Whitney Davis is a fellow shoeaholic and writer for DNA Footwear. Check out DNA Footwear where you’ll find the freshest designer footwear styles from brands like Report Signature, Steve Madden, and Jeffrey Campbell.

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