Shoeaholics everywhere know the pain that comes with vacation planning. Finding the right shoe for each leg of the adventure is a mixed bag of emotional turmoil. My upcoming vacation is a jaunt to see the latest trends in Paris and Milan so naturally, I’m freaking out about which pairs to pack! I know closet shoeaholics like Giselle will be there. I hear Heidi Klum never misses a show. She doesn’t talk about her shoe issues in public, but you know she is looking at the models’ feet. How do you plan for walking in a foot-fashion-friendly way? I turned to the Internet for answers, and I actually found some!

Oh Boy Loafers

Who does more walking then the celebs? I do on vaca; that’s who. It figures that Harper’s Bazaar would have some super-celeb shoes that are both functional and pretty: Boy loafers! They are menswear for women on the move, easy to walk in and a posh touch to any outfit. Why should the men have all the comfort? That is all I’m saying.


Let’s be honest, you don’t go to Paris without seeing a few monuments. The only transportation at some of these jaunty places is going to be the foot express. has a tip on how to handle situations where walking is the only way from point A to point B. Go for a sandal, specifically the classic t-strap. It’s brilliant if you think about it. True shoe stylists will be able to find this type of sandal in some sweet colors, and no matter what look you pick, they are comfy.


This is the place to go for up-to-date fashion advice. I certainly found a few options, including colorful, trendy and stylish  sneakers that are versatile and fashionable. Sneakers will indeed be suave accents to my road trip decor while still keeping my feet cool and comfortable. I might pack one deck shoe plus a nice pair of suede sneakers to add a little upmarket-style to my feet.

The Ultimate Vacation Shoe

So, in my research, I found this cute little couple who went on a horse-shopping trip to Denmark and discovered the perfect vaca shoe. They call them barn shoes, but we call them Dansko Shoes. Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup’s story is about cute, classic clogs they consider to be the ultimate vacation shoe. They turned these shoes into a business; and today, Dansko sells tons of fashionable and comfortable styles. Now, that is my ultimate vacation shoe.

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Then there’s the Nightlife

Oh yeah, if you are going to the see the style connoisseurs, your feet had better be ready to slow jam some nightlife. I know you are not buying into that whole  “if I want to be trendy, my feet have to hurt  spiel some celebs try to pass. I’m walking all day, but I’m dancing all night. My feet need a nighttime shoe that doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort.  Ballet flats are cute, dressy, easy to pack and feminine!

Vacation planning isn’t that bad if you do it right. Shoes are the piece de resistance of style. Vacation means foot travel as much as it does fun and thrill. Let your feet do the walking, but let your shoes do the talking. Shoeaholics don’t do it any other way. Plan your vacation around your feet. That way, you will have a shoe for every step of the journey. Before you know it, the celebs will be watching you to learn how to dress their feet.