Hot or Not Couture?

I’m all for knock-offs and saving money, but is Steve Madden okay with Anne Michelle practically reproducing replicas of  Steve Madden’s hot couture  and then selling them  for half the price?

Steve Madden Bukled, regularly $99.95. On sale for $79.95

Anne Michelle Moto-X-01, only $51.98 from


It’s almost like looking at a “What’s wrong with the picture?” and trying to find the differences, and there are not many!   Anne Michelle also makes a Moto-X-01  which is a knock-off of Steve Madden’s sold-out multi-colored Bombb boot.

[phpbay]steve madden, 2[/phpbay]

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6 thoughts on “Hot or Not Couture?

  1. This shoe is being knocked off all over the place. Steve Madden knocked it off from a higher up designer, I think it was Balenciaga. No one is original anymore.

  2. I have these shoes! (The Steve Madden ones)!! You are right, they are knock offs of Balenciaga. They have another knock off version for $34.99. I thought about buying those, but since the shoes are so cute, I wanted a better quality, and I certainley couldn’t afford Balenciaga!

  3. My, we have some smart readers! Thanks to Bizzy and Allie – I found a picture of the original Balenciagas, which supposedly retailed at over $4000!

     Balenciaga shoes

  4. I bought the cheaper shoe in black. And then I turned around and bought the Steve Madden shoe in the multi color because I saw the pic of Beyonce at the American Music Awards sporting the Balenciaga shoe. However, oddly enough, the Anne Michelle shoe is MUCH more comfortable than the Steve Madden shoe. And the quality is quite fab!

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