What if I told you that you could wear heels up to five and six inches without any pain? You would say I was crazy, right?!? Well, believe it or not, designer Taryn Rose has invented a low, medium and high heel shoe designed specifically for people with aches and pains that want to look great and feel even better!

These Heels Were Made for Walking

These miracle heels were created with special padding to help give extra support and manufactured to prevent knee and back pain. Literally, these heels are made to walk in for hours without any problem. Designed to keep feet and legs relaxed, these dream shoes are becoming a hot commodity for heel lovers everywhere. After hearing about these foot fantasies, my first thought was “they MUST look horrible!” Surprisingly, they are adorable! From pumps to boots to wedges, these shoes are gorgeous! This designer had styles I had never seen before and now I want ALL of them.


Two problems with these super shoes, one, there is so much to choose from that I don’t even know where to begin. From color to styles, I literally love them all! Secondly, they are a little on the pricey side. See for yourself, go to tarynrose.com, no more than a Jimmy Choo and just as cute. I suggest the leopard print Fierce (shown above) and black and white plaid Dafin. The comfort has me hooked, now I need a few outfits to show off my new shoes!

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