Hand Sewn Spanish Espadrilles

Some of my favorite shoes I wore in highschool were some red patterned espadrilles.   I’ve saved them and even wore them to an 80’s party earlier this year. Now twenty years later, my daughter has hoarded them, and they are practically falling apart.

So I was ecstatic (as was my daughter) when Diego Arnedo, owner of Espadrillestore.ca sent me a pair of these Espadrilles with red stripes to review! Thank you!

All Espadrilles (Alpargatas in Spanish) are entirely hand crafted in the small Spanish town of la Rioja, Spain. These shoes are 100% eco-friendly with Spanish materials and have been produced in the same village for centuries.

Diego also sent me a picture he took this past summer in his village of his aunt actually sewing by hand a pair of red striped espadrilles…

Get your own Classic Espadrilles with red stripes, $29.95.

And check out Espadrillestore.ca for more styles and colors!

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