Guest Post: The 411 on Satin Shoes

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In a nutshell, satin shoes refer to footwear that is made out of satin. This type of shoes is actually considered to be the most luxurious kind of design footwear to date. Contrary to popular belief, satin is actually a weaving tactic that features fabric production with a minimum amount of interlacing and the material’s surface has a glossy finish to it. And, back in the day, satin fabrics were only worn by royalty because of how expensive they were.

The materials used in making satin shoes and other satin products include nylon, filament fibers, silk and polyesters, but a lot of people tend to argue about what satin actually is. Some people insist that silk has to be used in the making of satin, while other people insist that silk isn’t a necessity. However, satin products were actually traditionally made out of silk and if the technique used to make the fabric involved weaving, then the finished product would be called sateen.

Fabrics produced through satin weaving usually have a high luster and end up looking glossy because of the high amount of floats used in the process. Aside from this glossy and luster look, satin fabrics also bring about a smooth surface that makes them very appealing in the eyes of the consumer. Some variations of weaved satin include check weave and granite weave.

The most popular kind of satin shoes to date would probably be ballet shoes since they have been made with satin for decades now. In a nutshell, ballet shoes refer to lightweight footwear that is especially made for ballet dancing. Sometimes, ballet shoes are also made out of leather and canvas, but they always have flexible and thin soles.

All of these ballet shoes materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, though. Leather ballet shoes last longer and would be ideal for beginners, while canvas ballet shoes tend to be cheaper but don’t last very long.

Satin ballet shoes are most commonly used during actual ballet performances since they wear out easily. However, they are made to fit the wearer as perfectly as possible and provide the utmost flexibility, as well. Satin ballet shoes are attached to the ballerina’s feet with elastic bands and ballerinas have to decide how to attach these bands in order to get the best fit for them. Sometimes, ribbons can be used in place of these elastic bands, as well.

Ballet shoes aside, satin can also be used to produce luxury designer shoes that women can use on special occasions. Of course, satin can also be used for other types of clothing, as well, including lingerie and ties. Either way, keep in mind that satin is usually quite expensive, though. After all, it is considered to be a top quality fabric in today’s day and age.

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