Guest Post: She was a Skater Girl

She was a Skater Girl
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Everyone has seen greats like Tony Hawk or Bam Margera skateboarding or seen all the different kinds of skate shoes available, but they tend to be bulky and sometimes aesthetically unappealing. On top of that, they are always for men, so female skateboarders either have to search elsewhere or accommodate for the difference in shoe sizes. Luckily for them, there is an ever increasing amount of skate shoes for women on the rise!


Vans, who is perhaps the largest sponsor of skateboarding when it comes to shoes, has a Vans Rhea Sf Square Perf. Gossamer Green Womens Skate Inspired Sneakers - 10rather extensive supply of shoes for women available. Among them are the Weston Bubble and Darla Vicki, both of which can either come in a white and pink style or, for those women who are not as in love with the color pink, a black and blue design. Both with a lace up and leather outer design, these shoes also share a similarity in their comfortable feel from the moment they go from the box to the lady in question. They also go for about the same price as new, durable shoes generally go for in this department, which is $50.

Other Brands

Not a fan of Vans? No problem. Other popular skateboarding sponsors include Supra Shoes, DC and Etnies, all of whom have their own personal supply of shoes geared towards women. Etnies in particular boasts their Fader W style of shoes, coming in a wide range of colors. These color combinations include black and floral, white and orange, black and yellow with blue, white and grey, along with much more. They are a little bit pricier, but the pay is worth it in the end. The Fader W do take a little bit of getting used to, however, so previous Etnies wearers will need to consider purchasing half a size higher to accommodate for the different fit of this style.
etnies Lo-Cut Cb (White/Green) Women's Skate Shoes

Less Bulky Options

Women looking for less of a bulky outside of a shoe and, in essence, a more natural looking shoe need turn to DC’s brand known as Pure. Pure they are indeed! Though they are even more pricey than Etnie’s Fader W, Pure definitely delivers plenty of shoe for the dollar. Keep in mind if purchasing, however, that it is necessary to up the shoe size one. Outside of this, once the shoes are broken into, they more or less feel like walking on soft sponges – what gets more comfortable in that? Sadly, the color choices are nothing special; all three choices involve quite a bit of black in them.

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  3. Etnies shoes are our favorite sponsor not only because we carry them in our shop in San diego but because of the tree planting program they have!

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