Guest Post: Match Made in Heaven: How to Find a Great Winter Boot

In the summer you show skin, but in the winter you show your fashion sense””and when it comes to your feet, there is no exception. But how do you know when to sacrifice fashion over practicality?  After all, should you risk having your toes frozen off just so that you’ll look good? While some would argue yes, the truth is that with some patience and a careful eye, you can actually find a winter boot that meets all of your wants and needs. That said, to learn what you should take into consideration when searching for the perfect winter boot, continue reading below.

Purpose of Use. The first thing you need to think about is where/what you’ll wearing these boots for–will you be doing a lot of walking, hiking or are they just to keep your feet warm while walking from the car to the toasty insides of a cocktail party? Naturally this should be able to help you determine how much comfort, protection, traction and warmth you’ll need. If you’re really active and walk a lot, then a flat, fur-lined boot would be ideal etc. If you want them to last more than one winter season, then of course durability should be a concern as well. But durable shoes are determined by quality””and “quality” rarely comes cheap. While surely they’ll be an investment well spent, be prepared to spend a pretty penny.

Materials/Fabrics/Colors. The kind of environment you live in and the types of winters you experience should be able to help you decide what kind of material your boot-of-choice should be made out of. For example, rubber soles are light-weight and provide great traction on slick surfaces; so if you typically have wet but not really snowy winters, you may consider getting you a pair of rubber winter boots. There are tons of super trendy and chic ones available at the stores””some are even equipped with a thermal liner to keep you extra warm. Sheepskin boots are also a good choice. What this breathable material does is work to keep your feet dry and warm. Lastly is leather””if you’re looking for durability this is probably your best choice. But then again they’re usually the most expensive. But they are typically the most versatile too (you can dress them or dress them down). Color should be just as important as the material. If you want your boots to go with most items, try going for  more neutral colors, such as camel, brown or a classic black.

Style and Shape. Your own person style should also affect the kinds of boots you choose. If you happen to be more of the skinny jean type girl, a bootie would be splendid. If you like to wear sweater dresses in the winter time, knee-high or even thigh high boots would be most appropriate. But also take into consideration your body type. Women with short legs can look more elongated with knee-length boots and may be cut in half with an ankle boot. If you happen to have great shapely legs on the other hand, showing them off with a pair of booties can do wonder to your physique.

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  1. Boot is a type of footwear but they are not shoes. Most of the boots cover the foot and the ankle and extend up to the leg. Most boots have heel. I can be worn depends on function: ex. protecting the foot and leg from water, snow, mud or hazards or providing additional ankle support and sometimes for style and fashion.

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