Haflinger BLACK Men's / Women's Everest Boiled Wool Indoor Clog Slippers - Size 37
I always thought slippers were for loafers, homebodies and grandma. Sure they are cozy and cushy, but they always felt a little sloppy and cumbersome. I never saw them as an essential item in my shoe collection.

Today, however, I pay homage to my Haflingers. This German based slipper company designs and produces slippers of unsurpassed comfort. The clog-like design makes slipping them on easy””no bending over or fancy foot wiggles required. The arch support (yes! Arch support in a slipper) is cushioned and keeps my feet secure atop the foot conforming insole. Of course slippers should keep your tootsies toasty and Haflingers do this with both boiled and felted wool. The cool thing about boiled wool is that it reduces the itchiness factor dramatically allowing almost everyone to have Haflinger happiness. You can also wash boiled wool (on cold-gentle cycle-air dry only). Washing them brings back their shape if they feel a bit stretched out. For optimal foot bliss, wear these slippers barefoot.

The felted wool is used in their more structured styles. Felted wool also relieves the itchiness of wool and is very smooth to the touch. The felted wool styles boast a hearty amount of arch using a cork footbed and re-sole-able EVA outsoles. These slippers are great if you purposely or forgetfully leave them on when you make a quick trip to the grocery store, walk around the block with your dog, or pop outside to gather some firewood.

Obviously, comfort, coziness, and functionality are the focus of these superior slippers, but the delightful array of colors and whimsical designs are sure to please. One of my favorite pairs (yes I own more than one pair””so should you) is a fun nod to the source of the slippers warmth: sheep. The left slipper has the hind end of the ewe and the right one has the front. Put them together and say, “Baaaa!” I couldn’t resist. Some folks like to go barefoot, but I like to go Haflinger to homebody in 2.2 seconds. Thank you for all the lovely leisure Haflinger!

If your local shoe store doesn’t carry Haflinger, or you can’t seem to find the style or size you’re looking for, you can often find these cozy slippers at Zappos, FootSmart, Online Shoes, ShoeBuy and other online retailers.

Fitting Notes: European sizing. Haflingers basic boiled wool styles fit medium to wide feet very well. The felted wool and other styles with outdoor soles tend to fit wider. If you have narrower feet look for the boiled wool indoor sole styles (Haflinger ASP) that are blended with mohair as they fit snugger and hold their shape better. Also, if you are recovering from plantar fasciitis, knee or ankle surgery you will find the stabilizing arch support very helpful (reducing pain)…particularly the felted wool models.

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