Guess the Spectator Shoe

Ahhhh~good ol’ spectators! I bought these  beauties off eBay and I cannot wait to wear them out. They are classic,  yet sexy! These spectators are by far the cutest shoes I have seen in  awhile. They are sitting in my closet right now just waiting for the  perfect time to be worn, I sometimes take them out & try them on for  fun…even if it is in my pajamas!
~ Shannon, MO

Anyone know the brand of this shoe?

Update: Thanks to a reader, we now know they are indeed Pleasers shoes.   They have since come out with a new, very similar style… Pleaser USA Vanity 443 – $53.95 from Classic meets sexy with this spectator-style mary jane.

[phpbay]spectator shoes, 2[/phpbay]

2 thoughts on “Guess the Spectator Shoe

  1. They are made by a fetish shoe company called “Pleasers.” Don’t ask how I know that; I have some odd friends who enjoy shopping at the fetish boutiques on S. St., Philly. 🙂 I tried them on b/c they are so cute, but they hobbled me, personally. And I’m an experienced heel wearer.

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