Going Boho Sandals

Matisse Women's Chantal Wedge Slingback

My grandmother had to have a mastectomy yesterday for breast cancer, and while I  sat in the hospital waiting area, I was flipping through  a  Stylewatch magazine (5/08 issue) that I had in my laptop bag.    They featured  a full page of sandals for the “going boho” look (page 109)  – Studded, fringed or simple in style, super-flat shoes are the way to go. And of all of the eight sandals pictured, only one (shown above)  did not have “toady parts” (as my aunt calls them).   And if you’ve known me long enough, you know I hate things between my toes.   Thus why I like this pair of Matisse  Chantal  Sandals the best of all.   And now that summer is near over, I need to find my latest issue of Stylewatch magazine for the fall shoe styles to come.

Matisse Women’s Chantal Wedge Slingbacks, available from Amazon.com, $102.95 in Silver or Gold.

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