Last Saturday was “Girls Night Out” for me and my “Coyotes” and it involved shopping! First off, the coyote coin came from one of us (I’ll leave her nameless, but her photo is below showing off her new boots) from a previous night out when she meant to call us “Cougars” – well considering I’m the only single chick (and definitely not old enough to be coined a Cougar), the Coyote term stuck, and she’ll never live it down.

We stopped at Younkers and three of us picked up these Franco Sarto Merc Waco Flex Ankle Boots that were originally $89, but with an extra 80% off clearance sale, the price dropped down to $13.   And coupon queen me only paid $3 since I had a $10 off coupon!

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I also discovered that I really like RumChata (tastes like Cinnabons), but I’m not so sure that it likes me!   But I love my Coyote girlfriends = fun times!

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