Get to Know the Ugly Fashion Trends in Shoes

Ugly fashion means purposely creating or representing ugliness in fashion. Some take this negatively but for others ugly fashion means survival. Moreover, ugly fashion in shoes pertains to masterfully crafted shoes but is certifiably uniquely “ugly”. Nevertheless, ugly shoes could also mean fascination and creative expression.

Ugly fashion trends on shoes are now creating fuzz in the wide ranging shoe industry. Some believe that these kinds of trends on shoes will never earn even a single stare but others are confident in saying that these ugly fashion trends will go a long way in terms of stylish fashion. Regardless of the different stands individuals have on this matter, it can’t be denied that it pays when and how these ugly trends happen especially if you are a woman fond of shoes.

Ugly Fashion Trends in Shoes Appeared

Nowadays, ugliness manifested itself in the footwear industry and vivid examples include:

  • Crocs Including Platform Crocs from Balenciaga

One thing that raise a lot of attention in the fashion industry is the  collaboration between Crocs and Balenciaga to exclusively send a platform version of the shoes at the Paris Fashion Week. The society has diverse reaction. This was unexpected but many don’t really hate the idea.

  • Rihanna’s Flip Flop Heels

This is another ridiculous yet incredible shoe at the New York Fashion so far and as expected fans have different reactions. Some are bashing the famous singer while others ended up asking “what’s wrong with her flip flop heels? It actually looks fine!”. As Rihanna finally unveils the latest “Fenty x Puma Collection”, some fans really got confused while others decided to support Rihanna on whatever fashion event she will do.

  • Loewe Sneakers with Weird Upward-Looking Toe

Pointy-toe sneakers at Loewe Spring 2018

Pointy-toe sneakers at Loewe Spring 2018 | Source: /

Loewe Sneakers also hit the runway on Paris Fashion Week. This unveiled devilish and pointy toe sneakers and sporty footwear that is elevated with a tip of distinctively upward curve. This left the masses in awe.

Why Ugly Fashion Trends in Shoes are Popular?

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder however, ugly fashion is considered by some as something that isn’t on the mainstream. Ugly fashion is actually not what all individuals are wearing or what the general population prefers. The topics on beauty, ugliness and fashion have always been there but apparently, many individuals are now taking part on these conversations.

They Display an Anti-Fashion Attitude

Many might be wondering how women suddenly get into these ugly fashion trends. There are actually several influencing factors that pave way for these trends or fashion movements. The first one can somehow be traced back to rise of normcore. This refers to unisex fashion trends commonly characterized by normal-looking and unpretentious clothing. Since there are those who wanted to go out of the ordinary and those who display an anti-fashion attitude, they decided to divert their attention to extraordinary trends in fashion. When it comes to shoes, this also tends to raise a spike in ugly fashion trends.

Celebrities Wear Them

Are you one of those who are wondering why ugly fashion trends on shoes are popular? One of the reasons is that celebrities and public figures are embracing such trends so this scenario triggers influences on women who are fond of shoes and somehow encouraging them to also try. As mentioned ugly fashion is now what everyone is wearing so it is the shoes’ impact and uniqueness that make them even more popular?

Ugly fashion trends on shoes pertain to particular trends and designs that some might not find the most aesthetically stunning and flattering at the moment. But still, there are those who have just recently made their purchases of “ugly yet fabulous shoes for them”.

These ugly trends on shoes or ugly fashion combined with lots of celebrities and influencers posting their photos embracing such kind of ugly trend would surely captivate the attention and interest of a lot of women all over the world. So you will no longer wonder why women are picking these shoes and making them part of the mainstream. These women tend to go further and further just to be different. This explains how women actually get there.

But still, regardless of your choice be it to opt for the usual style or consider embracing the ugly trends on shoes, you need to choose the right pair of shoes for you. In fact, women have reasons why they opt for those shoes. Be it Crocs, elevator shoes and sneakers, you need to believe in your own reasons why you choose a particular pair.


With the existence of ugly fashion, it can be concluded that fashion is not all about glamour, stunning style and sophistication. Even those with some touch of ugliness can be considered “in “in the fashion industry. Ugly fashion trend on shoes is therefore another facet of the fashion world. Some women can opt for ugly fashion shoes while others are free not to embrace these. Personal choice in fashion matters and regardless of what, it is still the confidence of the wearer that makes him or her fabulous and fashionable regardless of what shoes he or she is wearing.