From Brazil to the US: iPANEMA Flip-Flops

Calling all flip-flop aficionados: iPANEMA Flip-Flops are hitting the U.S. hard!  The press as well as celebrities like Whitney Port, Ashton Kutcher, Gisele Bundchen, Kristin Cavallari and Sting can’t seem to get enough and neither can we!

If you couldn’t guess by its name, the iPANEMA Flip-Flops brand calls beautiful Brazil home, and was named after the famous Ipanema beach town in Rio de Janeiro.  Brazilian beach culture is all about bright colors, natural beauty and a laidback lifestyle and iPANEMA Flip-Flops definitely embodies that unique spirit.  With every new collection the brand showcases a fun, lively color palette, unique styles and designs and amazing comfort.  The textured flip-flop footbed is specially designed from a patented flexpand material that’s 100% recyclable, so it’s good for both the environment and your tootsies!  Whether you prefer your flip-flops in sleek and simple solids, bold notice-me prints or something with a unique design to give it some edge, iPANEMA Flip-Flops offers a wide variety for women, men and even kids!

The line has already exploded in markets around the world, and now they’re finally launching in the U.S.!  Watch out Havaianas we’re predicting that iPANEMA Flip-Flops will be giving you a run for your money!  Slip on a pair today and decide which brand you prefer.

2 thoughts on “From Brazil to the US: iPANEMA Flip-Flops

  1. Beautiful…feminine…the thin straps make this deliciously dainty. Problem is, when you put a design on the insole, they’re hidden when they’re being worn (hopefully by a beautifully manicured lady’s foot).

  2. Being Brazilian myself & from Rio, I have to say that the Ipanemas are waaaay better than Havaianas. I recommend the “anatômicas” (anatomical) series. They give you a lot of more arch support. I was wondering when they woud start selling them here in the US. I always bring them when I travel to Rio. Now I can get them here. Thanks for the post.

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