Flatter Flannel with Fabulous Footwear

Flannel used to be part of an old lumberjack stereotype, but in reality flannel can be a stylish piece to pair with otherwise casual and neutral clothing. Flannel may seem hard to pair with footwear, as it is important not to clash with the busy pattern that most flannel jackets boast. There are several sets of foolproof footwear that fit with flannel to look fabulous.

One of the best shoes to wear with a flannel jacket is a great pair of black boots. Tall boots, short boots, ankle boots; Any and all black boots go with the flannel. A good fall and winter casual look includes a white shirt, flannel jacket, dark wash skinny jeans, and a pair of black ankle boots. This fashionable look can also be played up to be more glamorous with silver jewelry and a dark lip stain for women.

For an everyday look, pair a flannel jacket with converse shoes. Converse shoes are both comfortable and evergreen as far as fashion. Neutral colored converses can be paired with shorts or jeans along and a flannel jacket. Black or gray converse shoes will work best, as there will be no harsh contrast with the pattern of the jacket. Flannel has previously been considered a look for older men, however with the right shoes and accessories, a flannel jacket can be just as fashionable and flattering as the traditional leather coat.

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