Exercise doesn’t have to be limited to baggy sweat pants and old, smelly sneakers. There is a range of fashionable gear available for athletes of all kinds, including stylish shoes. If you’re a runner, there are some unique options available outside of your typical Nikes and Reeboks. Here’s a look at some of the more unique fashion trends we found in running shoes:

1. Invisible Running Shoes

Yes, you can see them, and, yes, they look like flip flops. The “invisible” part is how light the shoe is said to feel while still protecting your feet when you run. The shoes are part of the “barefoot running” craze, which is said to help you build strength and to run with proper form. If you don’t want to run barefoot, or you can’t because you’re running down city streets, these shoes are supposed to be the next best thing, making you feel as if you’re wearing nothing.

2. Nike High-Heeled Running Shoe

All the comfort of a sneaker and all the style of a high-heel pump: This shoe might be more stylish than functional. While the shoes are likely to feel comfier on your toes than your typical pair of stilettos, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to work up a fast pace in these, as they will throw off your balance and your form. But at least they’ll help you look cute if you just want to strut around the gym checking out the eye candy!

PUMA - Body Train Mary Jane Women's (Black/Puma Silver/White) - Footwear

3. Puma Mary Janes

Everybody loves a classic Mary Jane, and now you can wear one when you’re running. Puma makes this sleek and comfy running shoe in a classic black. There are also options in grey and white. The shoe is currently on sale at 6pm.com for $48.

4. The Wedge

Here’s another more practical yet stylish choice for the next time you want to take a run on the open road. The classic wedge shape features ventilation and a comfy sole for practicality and support. You could even get away with wearing them with a pair of relaxed jeans when you’re walking around the mall!

Womens Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport LS Shoes

5. Vibram Five Fingers

Perhaps the most unusual in the latest running shoe trends is the notorious Vibram Five Fingers shoe. Perhaps the leader in the “barefoot running” craze, this shoe is meant to stimulate the feel of running barefoot while still providing protection. Wearing them is sure to get you noticed, whether you’re running on the track or just running errands.

Do you have a favorite pair of fashionable running shoes that didn’t make the list? We want to hear about them!

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