FitFlop Flip-Flops Fit Flop Toning Shoes

FitFlop Walkstar  FitFlop Walkstar  FitFlop Walkstar

Piperlime sent  me an email about the arrival of new FitFlops

Just arrived”¦FitFlop! It’s the shoe everyone’s talking about. And now it’s here! Please note. Side effects of wearing FitFlops may include: Toned legs and thighs, happier feet and joints, and excessive smiling due to an easier way to work out.  

Available in several colors and styles, FitFlops sell for $50 – $60 at

I’ve been considering purchasing a pair of  “good for you” shoes, but I refuse to wear flip-flops (hate things between my toes).   My mom swears by Z-Coils, but I’m leaning towards Carolyn’s MBT recommendation.

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  1. Hi, may I know whether there really is free shipping at piperlime? I have tried to buy a pair of fitflop sandals but there is shipping cost displayed at the checkout page. Thanks.

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