Fit for Fall: 9 Fall Outfits and Essentials You Need in Your Wardrobe

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Prepare to bid summer adieu, ladies. As of writing this, we are less than a month away from fall.

While we’re sad to see summer go, there is a silver lining to the changing of the seasonal guard and that’s new fashion choices!

Out of the seasons, fall has got to be the best one when it comes to getting dressed. It’s not too cold outside so you can still get a little risky with your wardrobe but it’s also just cold enough that you can have fun with layering.

To celebrate our love of fall outfits and fashion, we’re going to hit you with a few quick clothing combos that we think will take your wardrobe to new heights once September rolls around.

1. Cozy Dress + Boots

If you’re anything like us, you sported long-sleeve, thigh-high dresses during the summer. Before you take those dresses and throw them in storage in perpetration of fall, hit the breaks!

Long-sleeve dresses can be an outstanding fall fixture if you pair them correctly.

Our favorite pairing? Knee-high boots.

This combo not only looks runway ready but, thanks to your sleeves and your boot’s coverage, you’ll stay warm on a chippy day.

2. Marry Leather and Slip Skirts

What’s not to love about slip skirts? They’re versatile, attractive and easy to throw on. Long slip skirts even carry the added advantage of keeping your legs covered when it’s cold outside and/or when you’ve decided to send your razor on vacation.

To give your slip skirt a little bit of extra fall outfits edge (and to stay extra-cozy), pair your slip with a leather jacket and some killer shades. You’ll look like a biker-chick, fashionista, bad-ass!

3. Embrace Textured Jackets

Say it with us, “TEXTURE”. Nobody likes boring fall jackets, people!

Well… There’s actually quite a bit that you can do with a “boring” jacket, especially when laying, but still! If you want to give your wardrobe a head-turning pop, throw on a jacket that’s radiating texture.

To that end, we’re big fans of corduroy because its a comfortable, cozy texture that’s vertical lines draw attention to your face. Since everybody is going to be looking at your head wearing one of these fall fixtures, you’ll have to sort out that internal “partial highlights vs full highlights” debate and finally get your hair done!

4. Don’t Save White for Summer

Do you own black t-shirts? Good. What about a patterned blazer? Yes?

Do you know what goes great with those two fall fashion essentials? White pants!

We know, “White is only for summer.” Says who though?!

Fashion is about taking risks so leave all of that “no white after Labor Day” garbage in the past, throw on some white parachute pants and start standing out this fall.

5. Work That Denim

September means that denim has officially come back from summer vacation, ya’ll. Don’t be shy about incorporating it into your wardrobe.

We’re talking denim jackets, jeans, hats and more!

Not sure what to pair all of that denim with? Wearing denim skinny jeans with a black, tucked-in turtle neck is always a safe bet.

6. Dress n’ Jeans

Do you know that long, flowy spring/summer dress that you love? Well, as it turns out, you can love that dress in the fall too.

We know what you’re saying, “Flowy dresses in cold fall? No thanks.”

By wearing a pair of jeans under your dress though, you’ll stay warm and you’ll add that fall, denim look to an outfit that most people associate with warmer times of the year.

We get that the “dress n’ jeans” combo might sound a little weird on its head. Give it a whirl though and we think that you’re going to like what you see.

7. Cut Through the Cold With Color

As you’re building out your fall wardrobe essentials, try your best to keep color at the forefront of your mind. We’ve seen so many fashionable people fail at fall because they go on a shopping spree, come home and their whole wardrobe is brown, black and denim.

Don’t make that mistake!

When you’re exploring fashion, your goal should always be to stand out. There’s no better way to do that than by wearing a tasteful yellow dress with white boots or, as a safer choice, a burnt orange jacket over black.

8. Faux Animal Print for Days

We don’t like mixing politics with fashion but we’re animal lovers here so wearing real fur, for us, is a big no-no. Fortunately, there are a number of faux furs out there that look absolutely fab!

Our personal favorite use of faux fur is throwing the classic leopard jacket over a brown boots, black pants ensemble. You should experiment with different patterns though to see which furs pop for you!

9. The Classic Dress and a Cardigan

Cardigans make every outfit a fall outfit. Pick up a nice, neutral-colored cardigan and throw it over any slip dress that you have sitting in your closet.

No matter who you are, you’re going to look brilliant in this combo!

Putting a Bow on Our Fall Outfits Advice

While we certainly hope that our fall outfits suggestions got the wheels turning in your head, don’t be afraid to break away from or modify anything/everything that you’ve just read!

Always make your style unique to you because fashion is the greatest expression of self.

Looking for more style inspiration to build your fall foundation around? Then browse more of the style-conscious content that we have right here on our blog!

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