What Shoes Should You Wear On Your First Date? Shoeaholics Anonymous

If your shoes could talk, what would they say about you? On a first date, they could say more than you could ever imagine.  Most of us are in such a tangle of nerves and stomach-churning anticipation because we want to make the best impression that quite often the last thing we worry about are the shoes. You think; he’s a guy, he’ll never even notice them, right? WRONG! Guys absolutely notice your shoes.

Research shows that it takes less than a tenth of a second to make a first impression, and your shoes are a major visual cue to him about your personality. According to a study from the University of Kansas in 2012, people were able to judge 90% of a stranger’s personality just by looking at their shoes, including whether they might be assertive, clingy and insecure or low-maintenance in a relationship.

“Shoes telegraph more about you than anything else,” says April Masini, relationship expert and author of Date Out of Your League. In her opinion, for many men it can be one of the most important aspects of making that all-important first impression in dating, acting either as a green light or an early warning signal for him to abandon ship.

At Isy B. Shoes, we understand how important wearing the right shoes can be, so what do want your shoes to say about you?

I’ve got high expectations

Go for expensive shoes preferably of the Louboutin or Jimmy Choo school if you can afford it. Otherwise, a pristine pair of understated heels of good quality leather will do the trick. You value yourself enough to buy the best, and in return you demand the very best from your partner. Avoid badly fitting, scuffed or shabby shoes, which could be indicative of self-esteem issues.

I’m confident about my body

Show off those beautifully pedicured toes. Girls who are confident about showing off a little skin or even a little toe cleavage tend to be more confident about the rest of their body. “Women in revealing, high-heeled sandals are more likely to be confident naked than women in closed-toe heels,” said Masini in an interview with Men’s Health magazine.

I’m all woman

Grab those heels! Whether it’s the way a pair of heels thrusts the body forward elongating the legs, lifting the butt, or slimming the waist. High heels are undoubtedly your chief weapon for communicating your femininity and sexuality. At Isy B. Shoes, we truly believe that heels are the answer to any outfit dilemma.

I’m full of fun

Be bold in brightly colored shoes, they are a great indicator of an extrovert, playful, and challenging personality.  You revel in being the center of attention and never shy away from the limelight. According to a Glamour survey of guys on the subject of women’s shoes, your brightly colored shoes send him the message that you are likely to be the first person on the dance floor later.

I’m one of the guys

Break out the casual sneakers; Converse, Vans, DCs etc. You’re letting him know that you’re laid-back, easy-going, and low maintenance. Most of your best friends are guys, you can probably even open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener and you won’t be dragging him to see the latest rom-com anytime soon.

I’m practical and down to earth

Whether you are more ballerinas or more brogues when it comes to flats, slip on flats if you want to give the impression that you literally have your feet on the ground. You are so much more than full-on sex appeal, and are full of hidden depths waiting to be discovered by any guy who is worthy of you.

Whichever shoe style you choose to make your date fall madly deeply in love with you this Valentine’s day, what’s most important is that you invest in well-fitting shoes so that the first impression you give him is one of a woman who is comfortable and confident in who she is.

Image Credit: Flickr