Fine Feet: 6 Stylish Trends in Footwear

Designer Kenneth Cole once said, “The average woman falls in love seven times a year. Only six are with shoes.” While he may have been exaggerating, it’s true that what you wear on your feet can make or break an outfit. With that in mind, here are six of the year’s hottest footwear styles.

6 Stylish Trends in Footwear

  1. Mules

The 2017 runway shows all agreed that mules are having a moment. We’ve seen these backless shoes before–as sexy sandals on Marilyn Monroe in the ‘60s, as chunky clogs in the ‘90s—but today’s take on the mule is cooler and more sophisticated (think sleek metallics and classic loafers).

  1. Combat Boots

As fall starts to settle in, chilly temperatures and unpredictable weather will make practical footwear a necessity. Luckily, the cool-yet-comfy combat boot is on track to become one of the year’s biggest style staples. This tough, chunky shoe is surprisingly versatile: pair it with a leather trouser to lean into the biker-girl look, or wear it with a lacy slipdress to add a touch of edge to an ultra-girly outfit.

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  1. Statement Socks

Who said footwear can’t be fun? The whimsical sock craze has turned up in seasons past, but still looks to be going strong this year. If you want to give this trend a try, you can even sign up for a monthly sock box subscription, which provides an easy way to keep your sock drawer vibrant, varied, and well-stocked.

Be brave and wear them under sandals, or let them peek out from the tops of your favorite ankle boots.

  1. Sparkles

Footwear maximalists who like to think of a shoe as the star of an outfit rather than the finishing touch will love this year’s glitter trend. Glitter boots were ubiquitous on the fall 2017 runways.

They turned up in all sorts of colors, from classic silver to daring pink, and in a wide variety of silhouettes, from ankle-height and kitten-heeled to platformed and over-the-knee.

For the less experimental among you who still want to get in on the sparkle craze, there are tamer options available, like sparkly sneakers, subtly rhinestone-embellished pumps, or even sparkly socks.

  1. White Booties

It’s time to lay to rest that old fashion rule about wearing white after Labor Day. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on the white ankle boot trend the fashion set is loving right now. Reminiscent of ‘60s mod style yet somehow still timeless, white boots are a refreshing and eye-catching break from the monotony of dark end-of-year footwear.

Choose a block heel if you want to embrace the retro vibe, or try piercing-inspired hardware to keep the look modern. Just make sure you’re prepared to put the work in to keep these shoes bright and dirt-free.

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  1. Velvet Sneakers

We’re all still grateful that the athleisure revolution gave us an excuse to wear our favorite pair of sneakers out on the street. (Some of us haven’t worn heels ever since!), but maybe it’s time to take the sporty footwear look up a notch.

While past variations on the sneaker trend favored minimalist black or white kicks, this year it’s all about bold platforms, colored laces, and unconventional materials like velvet. A velvet upper balances out a sneaker’s sportiness with a bit of sophistication and texture.

And as the holiday season approaches, you can give your party wardrobe a tongue-in-cheek twist by incorporating this festive fabric via an athletic shoe.

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Whether you prioritize cuteness or comfort, whether you’re sticking with sneakers or prefer something a little more polished, these fashion-forward looks are sure to keep your toes on trend.