Finding the Right Bowling Shoes for Your Needs

The Importance of Good Bowling Shoes

Some people find it unappetizing to wear rental bowling shoes, just on principle.   It’s not fun to think about how many other people have worn those shoes, or to speculate on their hygiene habits (or lack thereof).   But that’s not the only reason to get your own bowling shoes.   The right shoes can help you to get the traction and stability you need to bowl better and remain safe.   Anyone who has ever tripped, slipped, or turned an ankle due to a poor-fitting or worn out pair of shoes (any shoes, not just bowling shoes) can identify with the potential problems with improper footwear.   Just walking normally in the wrong shoes can be hazardous, or at least uncomfortable.   But a strenuous process like bowling can really be affected by the wrong shoes.   If you have ever seen anyone belly-flop in the middle of the lane (a real treat for the spectators, but not for the one who is falling), or otherwise slip, trip, fall, stumble in any way while bowling, you know that it’s not quite as easy as it looks.   Grace on your approach does not always come naturally.   And even if it does, the wrong shoes can make things more difficult.

Keep in mind that your bowling shoes depend on your handedness.   Since one shoe is for sliding and the other is for breaking, it matters what hand you bowl with when you are selecting shoes.   The rental shoes do not typically differentiate, but you will want to buy shoes that are designed for your handedness, which really helps your performance.   If you are a right-handed bowler, your left foot is your slide foot, so that shoe is smooth, usually with a leather sole.   Your right foot would be your braking foot, so that shoe has extra traction, often with a rubber sole.   If you are left-handed, of course, this pattern is reversed.   The first time you bowl in your own pair of bowling shoes instead of rental shoes, you will probably be amazed at the difference in comfort and performance.   Most bowlers wonder how in the world they ever bowled without them.   They make all the difference.

More Options Than Ever

It’s important to find a good, durable, high performance pair of shoes that also match your style.   The days of the old style, cheesy bowling shoes being the only option are long gone.   Now you can get a huge variety of shoes that look like tennis shoes, dress shoes, etc.   Or you can go with the traditional look.   You have plenty of options, including durable, comfortable, beautiful shoes for women and for kids.   Of course, you would not want to wear good bowling shoes on the street for fear of damaging them, but it is more common than not for modern bowling shoes to look like any other shoes, not the clown shoes they used to be (although those are still available in just about every color of the rainbow).

Getting Great Deals

Bowling shoes are better, and more affordable, than ever (adjusting for inflation, that is).   You can find an almost overwhelming selection of bowling shoes online, including a very impressive variety of shoes for kids.   Some people worry about spending money on bowling shoes for kids because they know the little rascals are going to grow out of them in about three days.   The good news is that the prices are so low that it shouldn’t be too much of a drain on your bank account.   It’s also not a bad idea to start some kind of network at your local bowling center to buy, sell, and trade used bowling gear.   There may be some other parents there who could use those shoes for their kids.   You can get incredible deals if you poke around on bowling gear websites a little bit, even deals on Dexter bowling shoes and other top brands.   It’s worth the investment, for a number of reasons.

This writer is a researcher and bowling enthusiast to help bowlers to find resources, from new lanes to the latest bowling balls to good bowling shoes and nice, soft bowling shirts.   She spends much of her time helping inexperienced bowlers to get started in her favorite sport.

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