Fashion Trends of High Heels

High heels – even the term evokes images of gracefully arched legs and an ultra feminine look. Small wonder then that these shoes have held the prima donna position as far as shoe trends are concerned. Interestingly high heels have a historical connection to horse riders who found that high heeled shoes or boots held their feet more sturdily in the stirrups. Of course, today, almost every woman from every walk of life wears high heels. This could be in the form of sandals, pumps, mules and even sneakers or boots. In short, high heels are a fabulous fashion statement. There are some interesting fashion trends for high heels.

There are a few things to look out for in the space occupied by high heels. If one were to broaden the scope of high heels, from some quirky ones to the good old classics, high heels are seeing the return of wedges, platform and chunky heels. One of the popular high heels is the stocky heels or the chunky heels. It may be just about a couple of inches in height but the stocky heel is finding its way onto the fashionably trend everywhere. It does have a double advantage of being comfortable too. It combines the best of the short heel and the block heel. So pick up a pair or two for your wardrobe.

The strappy high heels are huge this season too. Watch the runways and you will see exactly how popular this kid of high heels is becoming. They are mostly being chosen in black and women are teaming it up with ultra short skirts. The straps can be as long as mid calf or stop just above the ankles.

The keywords here are strappy, slim, black and high heeled shoes! Colors are making it big in the high heels space. Neons, prints, graphics, ethnic embroidery and glitter – they are all finding their way onto the shoes in a delightful manner. Fashion experts have put colors like coral and orange to the fore as far as high heels are concerned.

The good old platform and wedge heels are popular too. Depending on how your feet look in either, pick up one of each so you have something to spruce up your feet for any outfit. You can also vary the height of the heels. Interestingly shoe trends are also pointing to the use of material like coir and cork to make shoes! High heeled shoes are also coming in with lots of glitter and metal toecaps. A very chic look indeed. Open toes are also big this season.

On the interesting side, there are two heels for the really bold fashion fiend. Try out the heel-less high heel shoe. Many a celebrity has been seen sporting this rather outrageous type of shoe. These shoes seem to defy gravity but are made with some clever engineering. Also spotted in a few places are the LED heels. Looking like something from outer space, these high heels have a tiny amount of light that sparks on and off in the heels!

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