Fashion Trends 2013: Real Funky Shoes

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Jessica Simpson Raurie3 Bootie Photo
Jessica Simpson Raurie3 Lace Platform Bootie

The styles that are making a big hit this year are actually just a few creative blasts from the past. There are some real funky shoes that have hit the stores everywhere and have everyone talking. The year 2013 brings with it a multitude of fashion trends.

Lace is something that not all people realize is a fashion trend 2013 brings from the fifties. High color platforms wrapped in dark lace is more than the popular choice for many. The best part about the layering lace is that they come in a variety of colors so there is enough to please everyone. Another great advantage about lace designs is that they work for all styles including sandals, heels, pumps, and even tennis shoes.

Platform heels are making a comeback this year as well. Now, these are not the heels of the sixties but something a little more jaw dropping. Leveled platforms are the new craze and include more than three levels as well. Many of those levels can have all sorts of colors and rhinestones on each and come in different heights to suit a wide range of shoe fans. These platforms give new meaning to the phrase “high heels”.

For the boot lovers out there, straps and fur are definitely in. The fur is not just the typical trim to boots anymore, it is now the total design as well and adding straps around the fur is how more styles are created. The choices can be tall, knee length, mid-calf, and ankle. All can also range in color. Something that is a little different than past years is that boots are now a necessity in any collection. Whereas white fur boots were hard to come by at one point, just about every store now carries them in a range of all sizes.

Yet another trend that is out there with real funky shoes are the ones that glow in the dark. Usually these are made of material that glows in the dark, painted with glow in the dark paint, or have the spiral tubes that house L.E.D. lights. All are great for those who truly want to show their unique style.

All of these fashion trends 2013 offers are equally beautiful and dazzling. Though some are a blast from the past, these real funky shoes are setting a whole new trend all on their own. It is great to have a wide variety.

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