Fact or Myth? Wearing Heels will Deform your Feet by the age of 40

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What women won’t do for their beauty? What would they not pluck, deform, smear, apply just to look a little bit more “¦ something.

In ancient China, binding girl’s feet to prevent them from growing was the custom. Small and narrow feet were considered delicate. Generations of Chinese women could not walk properly (and hence escape from their husbands) because of their deformed feet. So there is something to the thought that forcing your feet into a certain position will deform them. What happens if you don’t do it at childhood? What if you restrict your feet after they’ve finished developing? Will it hurt them? Is the idea that heels will deform your feet by the age of 40 a fact or a myth?

If you ask a Podiatrist he’ll tell you it is not a myth. Dr. Neal Blitz, Chief of Foot Surgery, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York, wrote that he, and other foot surgeons, sees the result of high heels in their practice all the time. But there are, as of yet, no studies that directly link shoes to foot deformities.

The Myth
Wearing high heels will deform your feet by the age of 40.

The Fact
Not all high heels wearing women will suffer from foot problems.
Deformation of the feet can happen after you’ve reached 40. Most likely in your 50’s and 60’s.
Not all deformation of the foot is caused by shoes.

Here is what foot doctors think may be caused by wearing high heels for a prolonged period of time:
Bunion ““ as a result of wearing pointy toe and high heel shoes, the toes are pushed toward each other. A Bunion is a bony prominence on the inside of the foot that looks like a knob. It is not an overgrowth of bone as many think, but a result of the big toe being pushed inward. What is protruding is the knuckle itself. Bunion is usually corrected with surgery when the knuckle is broken down and re-aligned with screws.

Hammer Toe ““ The toes become buckled or crooked. Calluses form on pressure points, making it very painful to walk. The correction is again through surgery and involves removing the knuckle of the deformed toe.

Tight Calf Muscles and Achilles Tendon““ this is the biggest problem by far. Through the years, because of the position the foot is in, on the ball of the foot, the Achilles tendon becomes shorter. When getting off the heels to flat shoes (as for exercise) the tight muscles are put under extra strain. Frequent stretching of the tendon by putting the heel of the foot on the ground is recommended to prevent that from happening.

Did it stop us, women? Did we learn from past generations? NO. Through the time women wore high heels. Why?

To appear taller. To appear thinner. To walk differently so they will appear more womanly, more sexy. And if the height of the heels on the upcoming fashion designers’ runways is an indication – nothing is going to change in the near future.

But the fact of the matter remains: Wearing high heels, for many hours a day, may deform your feet at any age.

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