Everyone loves Blake Lively’s shoes


Q: I need to find those beautiful light green heels Blake Lively was wearing on Regis and Kelly on the 8/05/08 episode. Not the pink heels with rhinestones from a previous shoe. Her dress was amazing as well, but I need those heels!!!! Please help! ~ Jane

A: I think you’ve stumped us Jane!   Can any readers help us identify the Gossip Girl’s green architectural wedges as seen in the video above? Thanks much!

More of Blake Lively’s Shoes:
Blake Lively’s Brown Studded Flat Sandals  
Blake Lively’s Red Heels
Blake Lively’s Pink Pumps on Regis & Kelly  
Blake Lively’s  Chinese Laundry Suede  Boots

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2 thoughts on “Everyone loves Blake Lively’s shoes

  1. The TAHOE is the boot to check out. I got the grey and my so-called bff took them and told me they were my bday present to her! I had to get a second pair. Btw, I got brown this time.

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