Summer is the season for travel, outdoor barbecues, pool parties and other events. To look stylish and comfortable at all kinds of events, every man needs a few essential pairs of shoes to complete any outfit. Sandals, flip-flops, tennis shoes and loafers are key essentials to any male wardrobe.


Open-toed brown leather sandals, or “man-dals,” are stylish and comfortable and can be paired with cargo shorts and t-shirts. Purchase a sturdy pair made of quality leather; they should fit snugly without being too tight or cutting off the circulation to the feet. Sandals can be worn to picnics, going out to lunch and other daytime activities which might require a lot of walking. These are also very comfortable since they eliminate the uncomfortable issue of sweaty feet, which can be problematic in the heat of summer. You can also purchase a pair of Velcro sandals which are better for more strenuous activity. There are made of a more flexible material than leather and may offer more comfort and support without the bulk of a traditional tennis shoe.


Again, leather is a good choice here because it is durable and stylish. Leather can also be paired with cargo shorts, jeans, t-shirts and exercise clothing. Flip-flops made of canvas or canvas and leather combinations are also a good choice because they offer a more casual look. A man should also invest in an inexpensive pair of plain rubber flip-flops to wear to the pool and the beach; since they are cheap, it is alright if they get wet or sandy often. Masculine colors include black, grey, brown and navy blue and can be paired with a variety of different outfits.

Sneakers or Tennis Shoes

These are absolutely required for all outdoor activities including hiking, camping, jogging and traveling. A quality and supportive pair of tennis shoes protects the feet and guards against achy feet, leg pain and back pain that can result from poor arch support or cheap shoes. To find the perfect fit, ask a sales associate for help in the shoe department. He or she will properly measure your feet, and suggest different shoes for arch support, weak ankles, wide feet or long toes to ensure maximum comfort. There are also different styles for different activities, such as running, sports and hiking so choose the one that best suits your activities. Be sure to wear a pair of cotton socks with these to avoid sweaty feet and smelly shoes.


Leather loafers offer an in-between casual and formal look and can be worn with denim or slacks. These are appropriate for certain lunch or dinner get-togethers, going out to semi-formal restaurants and other social activities. Loafers are also available in other materials such as canvas or denim; these are good for just lounging around and running errands and can be paired with sweatpants or jogging suits. Again, wear a pair of socks with these shoes to keep feet dry and extend the life of the shoes.

Kieron is a fashion writer who blogs about men shoes styles.