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I was proud of myself that I went to Sioux City shopping and did not buy one pair of shoes. Oh, I had some hot black heels in my cart at Gordman’s, but thought do I really want to spend that much for a pair of shoes that I will probably never wear? Even though they perfectly match a little black velvet dress hanging in my closet that I will probably never wear either. But I resisted.

Then I decided to run into Wal-mart to pick up a few things. Always have to make a sweep through the shoe aisles. They had all of their Earth Spirit Leather Sandals on clearance for $5 each!

Earth Spirit shoes are SO comfortable that I bought almost every style they had available in my size (pic of them below). Even if I only wear them infrequently, that was a heckuva buy! The shoes I’m wearing in the picture are actually George Brand and were $5 as well. I wore them to a party last night. Probably the last time I’ll get to wear open-toe shoes before the snow hits.

Man, I really hate that skinny pants are coming back into fashion! I prefer boot cut or wider with heels. If the teeny-boppers start safety pinning the jeans and rolling them up, I will really feel old. But it’s been 20 years, so time for the fad style to change again.


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32 thoughts on “Earth Spirit Leather Sandals

  1. Normally I’d agree, Wayne, but the small number of super-comfortable Earth Spirit shoes my local WalMart had on sale last fall indicates merely that they over-ordered by maybe one percent.

  2. These shoes are the greatest! They are affordable and some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I am unhappy that I am unable to find more styles and more than one pair in the size(es) I need. Is there anywhere else they can be purchased besides Wal*Mart? Pat

  3. You can go to and order tons of different styles of Earth Spirit shoes. And they ARE the most comfy ever! I just bought some today for work, since my last pair that I’ve worn for about 5 or 6 years finally bit the dust…Cute stuff! Happy shopping!

  4. Hiii!
    I agree wth you that the Earth Spirit shoes are the most comfy shoes every. I have several pair of them that I ordered from I have a question for you though. Are you familiar with the Earth Spirit boots called Maddie? I bought a couple of pairs years ago and have worn out both pairs and cannot find them anywhere now. Unfortunately I am presently in Germany due to my husband’s military orders so I cannot actually go to Walmart anymore. I had my family check in the Walmart stores of NC for the Maddie boots but they didn’t find them. Do you know if your store carries them anymore??? They are black boots and I absolutely would love to have another pair. You should try them as well if you can find them. Thanks so much! I am glad to find someone else who also thinks Earth Spirit shoes are great!

  5. I agree that Earth shoe are great but the only problem that I have right now is that they quit making the shoes in my size womens size 12 to 13 and I cannot afford to spend 200.00 – 400.00 per pair of shoes for me. I will not spend that kind of money on shoes that re not comphy to my feet thanks .

  6. I also love Earth Spirit Shoes and MUST have this pair called Tulsa! Only problem is I can’t find my size at Wal-Mart, and I have folks in other states searching! They are supposedly discontinued from what my friend found out, but they were still full price at Wal-Mart as of a week or so ago. If any of you fellow shoeaholics have any info about where I can get a pair in a ladies size 9 please help!

  7. Hiya Guys,

    Well this site is a Utopia all it’s own!! I have been a recovering Shoeaholic for a bit over 10 yrs now. When I buy, I buy for a decade. Not in volume but in quality. A little tip, buy for comfort first else you will end up with ugly ballerina feet like mine. Buy quality shoes with a timeless style so that you can look and feel great miles down the road of time! For 25 years I had a pair for most every outfit. I took a few P/T
    sales clerk positions at the unmentionable Dept. in many Dept. stores.

    I always end up with a small collection of Naot, Mephitso, Aerosoles, and sweet but sorrily, Dr.Martins. I LOVE me Doc’s but as age creeps upon me I sometimes look like the true Gen Xer that I am.

    The designers that I just mentioned are the staples of my collection, with “just a few” more not worth mentioning. I have NEVER been down the aisle in Walmart. Not that I am too good for that, but my feet are.
    Today I purchased a pair of Earth Spirit suede black boots for $12.99 but not at Walmart. I found them at Gabriel Broth’s. If you are not familiar with the discount store it is a deep discount store. Cheaper than Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. I agree that these boots are Very Comfy!!!
    I can’t wait to wear them. I also picked up 2 pair of Aerosoles, 1 with quite a high heel, brown soft leather. The other camel color,square toe with a 1in heel. I also found a cool handbag by Chinese Laundry that is tan and white, graduating in shades, to wear with the shoes. These shoes are the lightest color shoes in my closet except for my white Keds, and they are not shoes, there sneakers.

    I want to Thank all of you for your info on this new favorite brand of mine. Earth Spirit. I hope everyone of you wear Mephisto. If not it is a 911 situation get some now. I hope we meet again. Have a spectacular
    Thanksgiving one step at a time!!

    Bella Sole

  8. Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of size 7 Earth Spirit Dakota sandals? The pair I have is getting worn out after 4 years, and I would love to buy another pair or two.

  9. I am desperately looking for a pair of Earth spirit Princeton black woman’s loafers size 9.5
    I have them in brown and love them, I can not find them in black in my size anywhere !
    If you know where I can find these please let me know.

    Thanks !!

  10. Do you know if there is any other store besides Wal-Mart and PlanetShoes where you can buy the Earth Spirit shoes in all sizes and all styles?


  11. Hi – I’m looking for Earth Spirit Sandals in size 11. I have found a few but would like to get more. They are the greatest. In my family, all we wear is sandals and these fit the bill.


  12. Does the company who makes Earth Shoes make the Earth Spirit shoes for WalMart? I bought a pair of sandals several years ago that have “Earth Shoes” on the bottom. I wore them daily in Summer for years. Then WalMart had the same style again last year, so I bought a couple more pair. Only this time the bottom reads “Earth Spirit”.

    If you don’t know, do you know how to find the answer? I Googled and asked Ask .com to no avail.

  13. Earth Shoes, Earth Ware shoes, and Earth Spirit are the same company. But Earth footware and Earth Vegan CLAIM not to be affliated with Walmart’s Earth Spirit shoes. BUT strangely they both have patented Gelron2000® Cushioning. Hmmm you can pay $130 for the name brand or get their Walmart version for less.

  14. Has anyone seen where I can find some size 11s? I have only found one pair. I love them and look in walmart everytime i’m in there for that size but can’t find any 🙁

  15. I too need Earth Spirit sandals in a larger size — 10 will do. I cannot find them ANYWHERE. I’d buy a dozen pairs if I could find them.

  16. I bought a pair of Earth Spirits and in the store they felt good. After wearing them for awhile the right shoe hurt like H_ _ _. Someone cut the front of a left insole so that it fits in a right shoe. The arch support of the right shoe is on the out side instead of on the inside. Wal Mart does not have anymore of the shoes in my size. Does anyone know how to contact Earth Spirit so I can find out if they will fix this problem?

  17. I bought a pair of Earth Spirits and in the store they felt good. After waering them for awhile the right shoe hurt like H_ _ _. Someone cut the front of a left insole so that it fits in a right shoe. The arch support of the right shoe is on the out side instead of on the inside. Wal Mart does not have anymore of the shoes in my size. Does anyone know how to contact Earth Spirit so I can find out if they will fix this problem?

  18. Can someone tell me where I can find a pair of Earth Spirit sandals in the Blossom II style in a size 4 1/2 or 5. I found some at my local Walmart, but the smallest they have is a 6. I am getting desparate, the sandals I am wearing are about 10 years!
    Thanks for any help.

  19. Love Earth Spirit shoes! They are at times hit or miss, but they’ve got some nice leather shoes that are quite comfortable. Of course, came up in my search for these shoes, but found as well as a nice source for recent Earth Spirits on sale. Seems like people are looking for Earth Spirit sandals. Brrrr! Maybe I’ll take a look during summer! 🙂

  20. Quite a number of years ago I started wearing Earth then Earth Spirit Shoes. I just fell in love with the sandals. For a while I had no trouble finding whatever I wanted and always at Wal-mart. Now, we move a lot, and a number of times it was to places that had NO WAL-MARTS! And the stores there didn’t have Earth brands. So when we came to an area that had one, I started stocking up (all styles and colors). Our moving takes us to all types of climates. Dry, wet, and now the dreaded winter. This seems to play havoc on the sandals with an elastic strap. I never had any problems before, but it seems now that I don’t wear them everyday the straps are getting “stiff” or “dry”. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?
    Thanks for any help

  21. Come across your blog from Google.
    So far I have never tried this shoe brand before.

    But somehow it got a lot of great feedback and comments here. Maybe I can check it out and may consider it for my next purchase.. ^_^

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  23. on the large picture of this site with all the leather earth spirit sandles…does anyone know where i can get the brown leather earth spirit shoes in the bottom right with the elastic for stretch across the toes? i will pay anything for them..none on ebay and i am sure they are an older style…found some at the local thrift store but they were too small for my instepi wear size 9-10..would love to find some…thank you to any help i can get..have gone to numerous discount sites ect..

  24. In the picture above in the lower right corner are a pair of earth spirit sandals with the stretch along the outside of the foot. I bought these sandals years ago at the local Walmart and am still wearing them around the house, but they are so worn out. I have looked everywhere for these sandals and can’t find them anywhere. They have been the best pair of shoes I think I have ever owned. I wear a size 8, if anyone knows of where I could find them I would appreciate it. I’m desparate! Thank you for any help given!

  25. @michelle cuneo- I think I found the shoes you’re looking for on EBay- Womens Brown Leather Slip On Earth Spirit Gelron 2000 Sandals Size 10- sorry, I couldn’t get the link on here but that’s the description. Starting bid is $8.99!

  26. I want to know I have been a earth spirit shoe wearer for the past 26 years and our Walmart’s in Wisconsin doesn’t carry this brand but one in a blue moon, which is hardly ever. They are now carrying Easy spirit with my Sarcoidosis I need to have shoes that give the correct support which earth spirit does but mine that I have now are almost worn out. I need to get Earth Spirit shoes help..

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