Dr Martens Buena Strappy Sandals

When I first saw these strappy sandals, I had a hard time believing they were actually Dr Martens sandals since they didn’t have the signature clunky sole and aren’t rugged looking at all.

But indeed these Buena Strappy Sandals in Dark Brown Palatino* are definitely Doc creations and actually look like you could wear them with a skirt to attend a social gathering.   Not saying I personally would, but it could be done. I’ll stick to wearing my Womens Dr Martens Boots. And you boys, well, you better stick with the Mens Dr Martens Boots.

You can find Dr Martens Sandals for the best price on Amazon.

*Palatino is a full grain semi-analine slightly tumbled leather with a high gloss finish.

Dr. Martens Buena Strappy Sandals are available from ShoeBuy.com with free shipping.

This refined and sophisticated shoe features a quality leather upper, an air cushioned insole, a leather lining, a leather wrapped heel, and a durable rubber outsole.

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