Aerosoles Lodge Ball Wedge Sandals

Lisa's Green Aerosoles SandalsAerosoles Women's Lodge Ball Wedge with Ankle Strap

Lisa Picarille was the moderator of our Content that Kills session in Boston, and  wore these cute Aerosoles  Lodge Ball Wedges in Seaweed (also available in Black). Being a big fan of Aerosoles, I just had to get a picture of them to share.   Lisa claims they are very comfortable, and I thought they looked very appealing  with her outfit.   Much better than the Lisa’s “fandals”  with socks for the GeekCast  31: The Hot  Mess (note Jim Kukral  in his Mandals in the video as well).

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7 thoughts on “Aerosoles Lodge Ball Wedge Sandals

  1. Love the shoes, and love the toe nail polish. Kim I just Love you and Lisa both. I just wrote a blog post where I mentioned you both. The panel was awesome, even though Kim got a lot of flak about I admire both of you girls very much. Thank you guys for every thing.

    I can’t wait till Las Vegas, I believe I am coming out of my shell even more at each Summit. I wish I would have joined ya’ll at Fenway, sounds like you guys had a blast.

  2. have you ever heard about the melissa plastic shoes?
    i guess they’re still relatively unknown outside brazil, but i just got another pair (they’re awesome) and i was wondering if you have one.

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