Dolce Vita Saint Sandal for Safe Travel

Roman Catholics pray to a Saint Christopher Medal for safe travels and protection. I just returned home from traveling to Boston, just in time to turn around pack for New York City.   Although I’m not Catholic (I’m Lutheran), I pray for such myself. And is it wrong to pray for comfortable shoes on a trip?!

Maybe I should invest in some “Saint” shoes such as these Dolce Vita DV By Dolce Vita Saint Twisted/Studded Sandals, available in either Black or Dark Silver (they appear “bronzy medaly” to me) which are currently on sale from Revolve Clothing for $49 – $69.

Shimmery metal hardware details a fun, edgy sandal fashioned with a zippered heel cup.

I found several renditions of the Prayer of St. Christopher, and this is the one I liked best (from

Thank You for giving me another day.
Let me face my troubles today
– the big and the small –
with a happy heart
filled with Your unending love.
Let me appreciate the moments of joy
You send me this day.
Let me see the cares of others
as an opportunity to bring
Your great compassion to those who most need it.

And God, I know that You see and know all things
– all of the world’s loveliness, and all of its harshness, too.
So on this day that You have given me,
I ask that I may bring Your joy with me
as I share myself with others.
And I pray that You will be warmed
by the happiness of Your children.

Finally, God, let me never forget
that in all things, in gladness or sorrow,
You who are all love and joy and hope
are always by my side.

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