Dogs Galore Ultralite Rain Boots

Today is National Dog Day! Now, those of you that know me, know that I have a phobia of dogs. Cynophobia is the correct term. So chances are that I will never personally own a dog, even though one is currently living with me (my brother is living with me temporarily).

Dogs Galore Ultralite Rain Boots Item # 44812

But in honor of my current dog occupant, I do realize that other dog owners take this day very seriously.  And since I take shoes very serious, I set out to find the best doggone pair of shoes I could! It is also currently raining out, so these Dogs Galore Ultralite Rain Boots are perfect to showcase today!

I may not like dogs, but I love being able to give to charities (I love watching all of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges). And these cartoon dog wellies are available from The Autism Site where each purchase funds 6.6% of an hour of research and therapy for children with autism (yay) PLUS for every pair of rain boots sold, they will donate another pair of shoes through Soles4Souls, a nonprofit organization that gives shoes to those in need (double yay)!

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One thought on “Dogs Galore Ultralite Rain Boots

  1. Aww it makes me sad that you have a phobia of dogs! But I know a dog who would make you feel differently. I’ve seen her melt the hearts of the most anti-dog people I’ve ever met. =) Those boots are so cute! And as a dog lover myself, I would totally wear them while walking with my little furry buddy =)

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