Do you buy shoes from a dump bin?


Not many high-end shoeaholics actually buy shoes from stores that use dump bins. But hard=core shoeaholics like myself have bought clearance shoes from a dump bin at the likes of a Ross store or even Target (remember the Missoni craze? Well I found them on clearance at Target last month).

So are you asking exactly what is a dump bin? The dictionary defines it as (1) a free-stand unit in a bookshop in which the books of a particular publisher are displayed or (2) a container in a shop in which goods are heaped, often in a disorderly fashion. I disagree with (1) as I think anything can be displayed in a dump bin (I’m thinking of all the dump bins in Walmart right now filled with $5 DVDs of cheap chick flicks. As for (2) well I the goods weren’t in a disorderly fashion before all the shoppers started rummaging through them! I’m thinking I could use a dump bin in my laundry room to store all the shoes that everyone kicks off when they enter the house from the garage!

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