DO This DON’T: Wear Your Fashion Boots in Winter

Red Fashion Boots

Just because it’s winter, there’s no excuse for living in your Uggs. The puffy sheepskin boots are fine for wearing on snow days and lazy Sundays, but dress to impress when you leave the house, girl! Those slouch boots, tall boots and low heeled booties that were staples of your fall wardrobe can see you through winter, with some tips for improving insulation. Consider this your primer on taking  fashion boots  through the winter safely.

Boots to Try

Tall boots  are the clear season winner here, in part because you can wear thick wool or fleece socks or legwarmers beneath them and no one needs to know. Think thigh-high heeled boots, knee-high riding boots and tall slouch boots that go over your skinny jeans, tights and leggings.

Low boots work well on warmer wintry days, the sort of days that make you feel like spring is right around the corner! Styles to consider here include wedge booties, low heel ankle booties and super low slouch booties. Pair these with trousers, tights with dresses or skirts or nightclub outfits.

What to Do

Do insulate your boots or you’ll end up with cold, wet toesies! There are several ways to do this so that you don’t end up looking like an LL Bean catalog extra in thick wool socks and hiking boots. First, waterproof all your fashion footwear with a weatherproofing spray. This offers leather, suede and other porous materials a measure of water resistance that will keep out basic sleet and slush.

Next, insulate your feet. This can be as low maintenance as putting on two pairs of fashion socks or wearing thick wool tights underneath your dress. You’ll also find cute and warm wool, alpaca and cashmere socks that offer warmth. If you regularly wear uninsulated boots, like Wellies, consider getting a permanent pair of fleece or flannel boot liners. When your feet are insulated, slip on your pants and then add your boots on top with the pants tucked in.

If you step in a 2-inch puddle of melted snow, no promises. For weather like that, wear a snow boot to work and bring along boots to change into. This way, you’re covered for your commute and you look cute all day long.

What Not to Do

When dressing in the morning, do take time to style yourself. It can feel tempting to reach for your favorite boots with any outfit, but always  match the boots to the fit of your skirt or dress. A loose, flouncy skirt pairs best with a boot or bootie that’s got a bit of slouch. Likewise, a fitted skirt or pant looks best with a tighter fit of boot. Also, don’t wear your boots barefoot. Over time, your feet sweat and this can make the inside of those boots pretty stinky.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the weather. If snow or forecast, or sidewalks are covered in road salt from a recent storm, it is not the best day to wear your high-heeled boots. You don’t want to end up falling and bruising your tailbone on the ice or pavement. In short, keep your footwear choice practical even in the winter and even when picking boots. Not all boots are created equally to withstand unstable surfaces and provide you with traction.

While classic, neutral boot colors like black and brown will blend with all the elements of your winter wardrobe, there’s something to be said for spicing things up with statement shoes. Go bold with bright colors, studs or patterns to stand out from the crowd.