Diamond Shoes?

Cesare Paciotti High Heel Diamond Studded Platform Sandals

You won’t find any diamond shoes in my closet. You may, however, find them in online shoe stores or at your local shoe store. “Diamond shoes” are not not only a term used for shoes adorned with crystals (as shown above), but are also a new brand name in fashionable streetwear. As other shoe designers are focusing on fancy 4 inch heels with little else connected to the shoe, diamond shoes are producing the ultimate in foot fashion.

Sneaker, high tops, and comfortable beach wear, diamond shoes are the new addition to Nick Diamond and his crew of shoe designers. The newest addition to the shoe industry comes in five of Nick Diamond’s favorite sneakers. Inaugural last year for the fall collection on footwear, diamond shoes are fast becoming the shoes to wear on your feet. If you don’t have a pair yet, keep looking around until you find a pair you do like.

Designed to be clean and comfortable, they fit right out of the box. Licensed by DVS, diamond shoes are the latest for Diamond Supply Company Footwear. They will fast take over the fashion plate for shoes. Or you could take a look at some real diamond shoes loaded with earth rings.

There are some shoes created with real diamonds with high cartier review profiles, but they do cost a lot of money. They are running around $150,000 just for one set of shoes.

$2 Million Dollar Sandals: Stuart Weitzman's Tanzanite Shoes
Source: TrendHunter.com

The most expensive shoe every created is the 2 million dollar pair of Stuart Weitzman’s tanzanite sandals. Now, those are fashionable footwear. You would almost not want to wear them in case someone else wanted them more than you do.

Diamond shoes come in all the brilliant earth rings colors from subtle browns to bright sky blues. You can choose the high tops or the low riders for your feet. These latest designs are out to take the footwear industry by storm. They will soon be everywhere and they might even have their own shoe stores coming to your area soon.

When you do find a store carrying diamond shoes, either online or offline, be sure to keep an eye open for Diamond’s latest design release. They will be adding to their shoe line as fast as they can. You might even find evening shoes with 4 inch heels alongside the sneakers. You may not find them today, but give diamond shoes a few years and they will be on everyone’s feet.

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