Crocsâ„¢ Croc-A-Doodles SetWhat will they think of next?!

You can now decorate and re-decorate your Crocs with this Croc-A-Doodles Art Set!   Set includes four washable paint pens in fuchsia, lime, orange and yellow; three washable markers in blue, red and black; an awesome stencil set and an artist sponge.

You can color directly on your Crocs to create your own, one of kind, custom shoe.   Create again and again.  

Crocs Croc-A-Doodles Set available from Shoemall for only $14.95 with Free Shipping!

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One thought on “Croc-A-Doodle-Doo

  1. do not use croc- a – doodle!!!!!! i bought 3 new pairs of crocs for my kids, and they were so excited to try these pens/paints out. The bad news…it will not come off!! i have tried every type of soap. the colors stained their new crocs…what a croc! I would never buy this product or recommend it

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