Leopard Knee High Boots only $12.99

Knee High Stretch Boot     Leopard Suede Platform Round Toe Knee High Boot

I know it’s spring and we are suppose to be thinking about sandals and flip flops, but a bargain is a bargain, and I couldn’t resist buying these Colin Stuart stretch boots (left)  that  I found  on clearance at  Victoria’s Secret for only $29.99 (now sold out). They are perfect for me with a nice 2 3/4 inch heel and micro Stretch suede upper. They are nice and  snug  with no zipper that gaps open. The only current size in stock is 7.5 (my size), but I found another great deal available in sizes 5.5 – 10: Leopard Suede Platform Round Toe Knee High Boots (right)  on sale for only $12.99 from Ami Clubwear!

5 thoughts on “Leopard Knee High Boots only $12.99

  1. Squeak told me she plans to wear these boots with jeans which does sound better than with a skirt. I’m going to have to see these boots in person though because the picture is not doing anything for me!

  2. Excuse me the ones Kim found are not something I would compare to the ones I bought, platforms are not the same at all.

  3. Those are pretty awesome! Totally wild compared to the Colin Stuart shoes I’ve seen online! I guess I should’ve searched for Colin Stuart BOOTS instead! Found a couple nice pairs of Colin Stuart Shoes here. I’ll keep a look out for some of those super crazy high boots! Nice find, Kim!

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