Complete a Classic Wedding Ensemble with Vintage Shoes

When it comes to you wedding day you should never forget the classic, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Here we take a look at the old.

Just because something looks as though it has been transported from the past doesn’t necessarily mean it’s out of fashion. Take for example the popularity of wedding themes, inspired by the previous eras. Wearing a pair of vintage shoes for your wedding will complete the overall look. You will give the appearance of an enchanting classic woman; the first thought on everyone’s mind will be WOW.

Pumps, coming from or inspired by, the years gone by are truly exceptional. It seems like no trend can outshine the unmistakable appeal they have. Just one look and you can tell right away that the pair before you exudes the look of the 1920s to the 1960s.

The materials used by manufacturers and the embellishments that they add are the things that make them exceptionally unique. Often, the material it is printed or embossed with floral designs and lace, ribbons, pearls and rhinestones are staple ornaments.

Such pumps are also comfortable to wear; the heels are not that high, giving you an enjoyable day from the ceremony to the reception as you pose for the photographers and dance with family and friends. Even when wearing a simple bridal gown, putting on a classic pair can make for a stunning look.

Due to the constant popularity of vintage footwear, large shopping areas tend to offer a wide variety. If there’s nothing that catches your fancy, buy a plain pair and get your creative juices flowing. A trip to the arts and crafts store enables you to find the right materials to use as embellishments on your pumps. They will also make for a great conversation piece on your wedding day.

Whether you have a particular style in mind or none at all, you can find the best vintage shoes for your wedding day by logging onto the internet. So many online sellers know how a lot of women are captivated by timeless-looking footwear, they are simply grabbing at the opportunity. Your personal taste and your overall budget are no issue, you’re sure to find the right pair of vintage shoes for you. If you get them from an internet store remember to order them early so your vintage statement is guaranteed to arrive in time for your special day.

This guest blog post was written for – leading sellers of bridal shoes – by Joanna Collins.

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