Comparing Comfortable Slide Wedge Sandals

My friend Lisa tweeted to me this weekend:

so which pair of shoes was $105 at zappos and which one cost $18 at target? not much difference, huh?

I was impressed with her “Real vs. Steal” find!

The fuschia pink pair (which I actually like better) are the ones from Target: Merona Eura Comfort Slide Wedge Sandals

And the yellow sandals are the ones from Zappos: Born Yancy wedge sandals in Girasole Patent

Both have great reviews on comfortability. And on a side note, doesn’t Lisa’s kitchen background look like it came straight out of the Better Homes & Garden magazine?!

Which pair of slide wedges is your fave?

You can find Slide Wedge Sandals for the best price on Amazon.

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